Instituto Superior Técnico

Conselho de Gestão


The mission of the Governing Board is to ensure Técnico’s administrative and financial management, in close cooperation with the various governing bodies and services, to fulfil Técnico’s strategic goals.

The Governing Board is composed of the President, Vice Presidents, and members appointed by the President and the Executive Director. The President may also convene the Presidents of the Scientific and Pedagogical Council and other Organizational Units, Heads of Services and representatives of students, non-teaching staff and non-research staff, to the Governing Board meetings without voting rights.

The Governing Board is responsible for:

Carrying out, under the terms of the law, the administrative, patrimonial, financial and human resources management of Técnico;

Under the terms of the Técnico’s statutes, the Governing Board may delegate some of its powers to the Organizational Units and Heads of Services, always ensuring an efficient decentralised management.